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Bret Williams

MMNY is THE Magento Event

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As many of you have learned, Adobe has announced that next year's Magento Imagine event will be part of the annual Adobe Summit conference next spring. Our big, annual, community-focused event will no longer be its own standalone gathering.

Yes, I'm sad about that, too. But, I'm also very aware that it's in Adobe's best interests. And, to be honest, if other Adobe customers need exposure to their eCommerce offerings, then it makes perfect sense that Magento be brought "into the barn" so to speak so that other Adobe customers can see the orange glow.

We anticipated this. It's one reason we helped MageMojo and NS8 sponsor and produce the "Key to Imagine" event the day before this past Imagine. We wanted to have an intimate opportunity to discuss amongst ourselves the future of the Magento platform and community. We were delighted that Bob Schwartz, past President of Magento and the creator of Imagine was our guest speaker.

So Where Do We Get Our Magento "Fix?"

Of course, the Adobe Summit will undoubtedly be useful for us (i.e. agencies), but for a true Magento immersion and in-depth discussions around the platform, there really is only one remaining event in the USA that supports the entire community of agencies, developers and merchants: Meet Magento New York.

Yes, there are other Magento-themed events each year, but most are much smaller or cater only to developers. MMNY is the one event that is broad enough to provide substance and content to all players in "Mage World."

MMNY (affectionately hashtagged, #MM19NYC) will most likely become the defacto Magento community headline event in the USA. Organizers are discussing ways of further broadening its audience and reach for 2020 and beyond, too. I'm honored to be part of those talks.

See You in New York

There will be many great speakers at MMNY. And me. My talk will be merchant-focused, as I have a great affinity for merchants who both love and hate Magento. The more I can help them find ways to love Magento, the more value they get from the platform.

The same goes for attending MMNY: the more you love the idea of meeting with others in our community, the more you'll get out of it.

And there's a LOT to get out of it.

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